General Business

Is Barrett Landscaping licensed and insured?

Yes, we hold all the necessary State Licenses for Georgia. We are also covered for workers compensation, liability and motor vehicle.

Who will work on my property?

Your property will be serviced by well-trained, legal and fully insured personnel wearing company uniforms. Additionally, each employee is subject to a background check before hire.

Do your employees speak English?

Although we may have someone who speaks limited English, our goal is to always have at least one English-speaking crew leader on every site.

Are your employees legal?

Yes. All employees fill out an I-9.

What type of training do your employees receive?

All employees go through a full day of orientation at least once yearly. We also have ongoing monthly training where we review our current properties, discuss quality, update our team on industry trends/standards, and cover safety topics.

How do you schedule your clients?

Our schedule is based on the area of town we are working that day. Additionally, we make every attempt to perform our commercial work early in the morning in order to not disrupt business operations.

What type of residential clients do you work for?

Anyone who truly wants a nice landscape and knows the true value of caring for a beautiful home and property. We are not a cut and run company but rather a good fit for clients who are seeking a comprehensive landscaping service which includes mowing; shrub and bed maintenance; and fertilization and weed control.

How much will it cost me to hire your company?

This all depends on the services you desire. We are a legitimate year round company with well trained, legal and fully insured employees. We use a multiple, overhead, recovery system to disperse and recover our overhead, labor and equipment costs, plus add a fair professional profit. When you receive a price from our company, you can be sure we are providing you with our best price for providing you with a high quality, professional landscaping service. In order to maintain our professional reputation, we choose not to sacrifice quality in order to be the low price leader.